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90 ° south latitude.



  • Geography and geology of the Antarctic continent

  • How to live and work in a polar research base

  • Science made in Antarctica

  • History of polar exploration

  • Penguin biology


In Antarctica, a place of extreme conditions, where the temperature can reach 89 ° C, a group of scientists study the climate and the stars at the AmundsenScott research station. Aunt Abi arrives there, accompanied by Simón, Lucas, Isabel and Juana. Captivated by the breathtaking landscape of the South Pole and by the fascinating world of the emperor penguins, they cannot imagine the dangers that await them in that place: tunnels under the ice, icebergs that break off, snowstorms that engulf everything and extreme temperatures that put life at risk at all times. As if that weren't enough, a hacker sabotages the security systems of the research station and endangers the lives of everyone who lives there. It will be one of his most daring adventures. They will risk their lives, as the great polar explorers have done, in order to survive in the most inhospitable place on the planet.

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