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ice. log of an Antarctic expeditionary.


For almost fifteen years one of the main Colombian scientific journalists has carried out expeditions to Antarctica, the enormous ice continent that has been one of the most enigmatic territories in the geography of the world, and which is home to the South Pole. Explored by great adventurers such as Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott, who starred in a challenge of epic dimensions to see which of the two reached the most central point of one of the antipodes first, this territory is still a great unknown that fascinates scientists and travelers. Posada-Swafford, with the patience of someone who collects stories and anecdotes, useful data and legends, hundreds of notes and objects (stones, penguin feathers, expedition badges, etc.), built a unique blog in which his reflections on the land of ice that threatens to disappear due to global warming. Aboard a luxury cruise ship, Navy frigates and scientific expeditions with several nations, this is the result of a deep inquiry into Antarctica both in the literary and the historical, scientific and geographical. Due to the beauty of its reflections and its careful design, this will undoubtedly be one of the great books of Colombian adventurers.

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