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ventana de tiempo.
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Director Nicolás Ordoñez and I started dreaming about this beautiful project in the summer of 2016, during a trip to the Caribbean atolls of Colombia north of the island of San Andrés. I had just been on the third Colombian Antarctic Expedition, and I knew that a special film - not just a documentary - shot in Antarctica had to be made because the opportunities to film on that continent are scarce and we had rare access to through the Colombian Navy .

After a while, Nicolás conceived the philosophy behind #VentanaDeTiempo , which rhymed perfectly with the book I was (and am) writing, Log of an Antarctic Expeditionary, about my five trips to the White Continent. His vision and mine had very similar visions, so it was natural to work alongside him as a screenwriter and voice guide for Window of Time.

This movie wants to explore our relationship, as humans, with this huge mass of ice that is Antarctica. A rigorous landscape that we have only just begun to uncover, and that is so strange to people that we are still struggling to understand it. Already the first explorers, in their journals stained with seal blubber, wrote about their fight against El Hielo, as they speak of this place in literature. Now we are trying to reach your cold cold heart through science, because Antarctica regulates the climate systems of the planet above and below the water.

In the end, the explorers and the civilizations that sent them did not discover Ice as much as Ice allowed them to discover themselves. The whiteness of the polar plateau became a great mirror that reflected the character of the person who came to it. We believe this is still happening, and Time Window wants to explore this relationship. We want to see what happens inside the soul of scientists, sailors and filmmakers of a Colombian expedition once they face this supernatural place. We want to delve into science and poetry, adventure and intellect, engineering and absolute cold.

Window of Time, as it is conceived at this time, is a unique film that will connect Antarctica with the tropics, Latin America with the cold, and science with the heart, through the Almirante Tono de Colombia Expedition, in December from 2017 to March 2018.

science journalist, exploration writer

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