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an invisible enemy.



  • What is a virus and how does it affect cells

  • Biosafety laboratories 4 (for lethal viruses)

  • The work of doctors in public health

  • Use of monkeys in viral research

  • Sign communication with gorillas


In Miami, several of the monkeys that arrive in a shipment from the South American jungles escape throughout the city. One of them ends up in the woods that surround the zoo, where Lucas finds him, who befriends him and unknowingly becomes infected with a terrible virus that he transmits the moment the boy feeds him. Meanwhile, the world's greatest virus expert is with Aunt Abigaíl in Guyana, thousands of kilometers away, studying precisely the animals that transmit the Canzanboria virus. Start a race against time to understand how this invisible enemy works. Miami is on red alert, since the virus has spread through the city in a few hours and the boys must act quickly if they want to save not only Lucas, but hundreds of infected people.


The true invisible enemy:

These images show behind the scenes of my reports, as well as the places, researchers and real animals that inspired this adventure. (Photos are not always mine).

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