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las vidas secretas de las ballenas - parte 1


Who are the whales? Where do they come from? What do they teach us? One day we sat down and began to ask ourselves many questions about these magnificent aquatic mammals that amaze us so much. And that's how this book started. But it is a special ebook. You can get closer to their songs, hearing the humpbacks, the blues, the orcas, the sperm whales or the right whales and also appreciate their differences. Or you can see scientists discovering and doing science through them. You can enter different institutes, organizations or laboratories and see how they study and observe these creatures. We invite you to explore and learn about whales, because we have to understand them in order to save and conserve them.

You can download the ebooks directly to your computer, tablet or phone from the ebook - download button. For this you must have an app or software that reads ebooks!!!

Or if you want, you can download both parts to your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer through Apple Books.

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