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en busca del calamar del abismo



  • Colossal squid biology

  • Physiology of diving at great depths

  • Seabed geology

  • Biology of the abyss

  • Abyss research submersibles.


Biologist Alberto O'Leary undertakes an expedition to the bottom of the sea to search for an animal that can measure up to fourteen meters, with eight arms and two tentacles bristling with sharp hooks and powerful suckers. O'Leary invites Aunt Abigail to the expedition with her three nephews (Simon, Lucas and Isabel) and Juana, who embark on a research vessel to search for the sea monster that no one has ever seen in their environment. Many doubt the existence of this animal that hides in the ocean thousands of meters deep. Will the daring adventurers be able to find it and survive in the most hostile environment on the planet, where the colossal squid is just one of the dangers?

Download here the Dossier of the Together in Adventure collection, with all its explanation.

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