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  • Genetics (DNA, chromosomes, genes)

  • The Human Genome Project

  • Genetic diseases and therapies

  • Cloning

  • Population's genetics


Aisha, the fastest horse in the world, was stolen by a terrorist expert in genetics, who carries out gruesome cloning experiments not only with animals, but also with humans. Their work is hidden behind a renowned research firm that competes in the scientific race to decipher the key to life: the human genome, a task in which Dan, a prestigious geneticist from the University of Miami, and a friend of the aunt, is also engaged. Abi and the adventurous boys. In the company of Dan, this group will learn about the advances in genetic engineering, a science that allows the DNA of each person to be revealed, which will be crucial for them, who have been involved in this dangerous adventure, to help rescue Aisha and identify to the criminal who wants to manipulate the human race.

Download here the Dossier of the Together in Adventure collection, with all its explanation.

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