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Science, environment and exploration writer, lecturer and motivational speaker. 

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angela posada-swafford

about me.

I believe science, the work of scientists, is there to be presented and narrated with the tools of good literature.

To be accurately explained in all its wondrous might. To be translated into what is relevant to society. To be used as an instrument of seduction and entertainment and enlightenment and therefore, betterment of the self. And I believe in exploration, the force that makes possible all of humanity’s greatest advancements.

Obsessed by living the maps of my own mental cartography, I trek the world in order to understand the fabric of the universe, and talk to the brilliant minds pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

Through my work, I have wanted to reach children and youngsters and women and minorities and adults of all walks of life. Because learning how science molds our very existence and shapes our evolution, is not a privilege. It is a social right.

Angela Posada-Swafford



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